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In LOGITRA SOLUTIONS, we provide you logical and transparent total logistics solutions for your "B2B" business activities .

Thus we make you comfortable to design and dream Growth of your own business.

As a Catalyst  Business partner of your's company, LOGITRA SOLUTIONS will take care of your's :

Managing your warehousing requirements customized to your product profile, be it hygiene or cold warehouses to handle cold chain products and bonded warehousing to keep products for Short/Long term before on-board to export or in-board to consumption in your producing facility.
The market is converging from "PUSH to PULL" scenario and hence the world class companies are looking for Effective Delivery Systems(EDS) only for their world class products to avoid STOCK-OUT  situations so that the customer's can be retained for ever.

LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provides  very effective delivery system customized to customer's choice for different industrial product verticals, so that the situation of STOCK-OUT  is well managed. In this series we also provide service to shelf at the hypermarket from back end warehouses.

Statistics says 25-30% of TOTAL INDUSTRIAL PRODUCE are piled up as inventory. This pays nothing but eats more revenue. LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provide 3rd Party Logistics Solutions to strengthen your forecasting level and hence add value by reducing inventory at various levels. We provide a situation where INFORMATION FLOWS VIS TO VIS MATERIAL FLOW.
LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provides freight solutions in express mode to your cargo be it of any size or if it is truck load or less than that. We provide Freight Solutions in Air/Surface/Rail and also multi modal freight solutions, best suited to your time specific requirements. In the process we also provide reverse logistics for your RMG or Return Goods from source to plant or warehouse.
LOGITRA SOLUTIONS understands the sensitivity of the documents for any Logistics Support and hence provide national and international courier services in a well woven network across the globe.
On demand, LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provides packing solutions along with forwarding to your domestic as well as international cargo in a very professional manner.
Logistics industry provides maximum employment to unskilled,semi-skilled and skilled manpower. LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provide e-learning solutions to the people looking for attractive jobs in this industry and also their elevation to the next level. While doing so LOGITRA SOLUTIONS maintains the record of all such people and keeps them updated about latest news, events in the area of Logistics and also make it happen for them.
LOGITRA SOLUTIONS provides consultancy to the corporates and facilitate them reduce their logistics cost which is 10-12% of GDP in India against 7-8% of GDP in developed countries. If you have any ad hoc project/event scheduled  anywhere in India, LOGITRA SOLUTIONS have professional competency to handle it with excellence. 
Are you are looking for suitable solutions to any one or all the above areas, feel free to call on us or send your RFQ at sales@logitra.in.
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